Monday, October 26, 2009

Is My Spouse Cheating?

We all want to believe that our spouses would never be unfaithful. They love us till death do us part, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case as much as we all would like for it to be. Sometimes a spouse makes it really easy for us to find out that they are cheating. By easy, I mean they come home smelling like someone else, we find other people's undergarments, we find lipstick on clothing, and they start working late hours. Basically, they manage to offer us every sign of a cheating spouse on a silver platter. You have practically caught them red handed and with their pants down.

The problem is not all spouses make it this easy for us to find out they are cheating. So how do you find out for sure that they are cheating? One method that has proven to work is by hiring a private investigator. What can they do that you cannot you may ask? They have the time to put in when it comes to finding your spouse, and following your spouse. They have the skills and equipment to get the information that is needed without "spooking" your spouse.

An investigator can help account for those few hours that have started accumulating in regards to your spouse's regular schedule. They can make sure that "friend" is whom they have suggested them to be. They can account for business trips. All those time we cannot find evidence that our beloved spouse is cheating, but have the terrible pit in our stomach that something is wrong, this will give us that answer. Everyone knows when something is wrong, just some of us choose to find out the truth. There is one way to the truth if our spouse is unwilling to tell us, that is a private investigator.

It is time to find out the truth.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Private Investigators News

German bank implements surveillance to track breaches.

Deutsche Bank, one of Germany’s big banks has implemented surveillance methods to find out a suspected breach of its data privacy, suspected within its own organisation. The bank had hired PI’s as well as used security services from within the organisation to conduct these series of surveillances to root out the cause of this problem. The breaches of data were reported to be in contradiction and violation to privacy laws and a report provided to the legal representative of the bank reports that a number of employees, including a supervisory member, a manager and even a company share holder were key to the investigation and offences disclosed. It is not known as to how many PI’s are working on this case, even the bank is not willing to leak out any updated on this issue.

Michael Jackson’s family hires Private detectives.

The family of the pop singer Michael Jackson have hired private detectives to investigate his death which they believe as untimely. The parents of the singer believe that there is foul play in their son’s death and are eager to find updates from the investigators. Recent reports stated that he was not willing to do his shows that were scheduled, the hired investigators are all set to look into this and investigate the death of the singer which was a suspected heart attack.

Private investigator Anthony Pellicano faces more charges.

The already jailed Anthony Pellicano based out of Hollywood who is facing a 15 year span for illegal phone tapping, his stay in jail is now believed to have increased by 3 years for more charges against him, and Anthony Pellicano has already been in prison for on a number of occasions like carrying of explosives and home made grenades. He is also believed to be America’s most notorious private detectives.

News Paper Agrees having paid private detective after conviction

One of Britain’s top news papers are believed to have paid a private detective for illegal activities of phone tapping to obtain breaking news, and it is also known that the private detective has already been convicted for such issues regarding illegal phone hacking and breaching the press code of conduct. The admission came to light after the news group News International admitted to settling a claim for its involvement in a phone hacking complaint made by the chief executive of the Professional Footballers Association, Gordon Taylor. It alleged that private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, who was convicted of phone hacking back in 2007, was paid by the news group who also claim Mulcaire had earned the rights to payment as a contracted employee.

How to find a job as a Private Investigator?

First of all print a card with contact details for the purpose of getting clients, pass it ton to people who you may want your service at anytime, follow the internet and local news papers for news related to theft, fraud and various other such activity, go through the article or news to watch for any contact detail of the victim, you can approach them directly or get in touch with them through email or phone. You might have a chance to be chosen to work with them.

Frequently visit websites of private investigating agencies to follow news and other activity to keep you on track, there might be an opening or they might want to hire a few people or they may outsource a project to you.

Meet business firms with your experience material and profile, so that when a need arises they might want to give you a call, Insurance companies are the key places that you might want to go to, banks and other firms are also a good option, keep track and follow cases that lead to divorce and other marital relationship problems, you might have hope there as well, make a couple of friends with lawyers as you might be able to strike a deal with them under some cases.

Keep track of business companies and firms, start with smaller ones and then make your way up to the larger companies, you might be able to make a good portfolio by then. And experience counts so organise each and every case that you’ve worked on carefully for future use, it is always to have a website or a profile of yourself on the internet because most people don’t find time to search, the internet is the only source for people who work with less time, add your profile online so you may get a call from someone who needs your service.

You could also join a private investigator directory which could generate leads for you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Need to Know for New Investigators

When it comes to being a private investigator, veteran or beginner, it is very important to research the laws within the state you are practicing. The laws regards surveillance and validity of information in court varies from state to state, and also on federal levels.

The world of surveillance is constantly changing which makes your learning a constant as well.
Some of the most recent changes are in regards to electronic surveillance, in regards to areas in which an individual should have an expected amount of privacy, and license and certification requirements, as states are always changing the requirements and credentials that make a private investigator valid.

The guidelines for methods such as social networking, also known as social engineering, wire taps, and recording of conversations have begun to work their way out of the grey area of investigation and starting to be filled with rules and guidelines turning them into black and white procedures that are being heavily monitored by local, state, and federal governments.

Being a private investigator can be a great business, just make sure you stay up-to-date on the rules and regulations of your business in your area of the country.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Private Investigator Job Outlook

With the job perspectives of almost all industries being hit hard by the economic troubles of nations everywhere, there are many that have been contemplating the idea of becoming a private investigator. It is a very competitive business, but a fairly cheap one to become a part of.

It is predicted that the demand for private investigators will be increased by 24% in the upcoming year. It is a job in which self-employment is showing positive signs for profit and growth. Someone looking to join this field of work can obtain a license within the $300 to $500 range depending on the course length and where the course is taken.

Once you take into account the average pricing of simple jobs performed by private investigators the original funds required to become licensed will be reimbursed fairly fast and then head onto the road of profit. With a low starting cost and endless promise of profits, it is definitely a reasonable profession to consider.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Find Out if Your Spouse Really Is Cheating!

When is comes to cheating, most people really are not that smart when it comes to covering things up. The simple measures of adding perfume or cologne, making excuses for being late, and cleaning the evidence commonly found in a spouses email or cell phone just does not cut these days. Most people can detect these slight but obvious changes in a relationship, but the hardest part is proving that your suspicions are actually true. As someone who cares for a spouse, it is hard to leave, or seek help to fix a problem that feel is happening but cannot prove.

That is where a private investigator comes in. It is there job to find that proof that will either turn your suspicions into a fact or just simple unwarranted worrying. An investigator can provide you will everything from photographs, videos, phone conversations, and/or the true whereabouts of your spouse to compare to what they told you. Sometimes an investigator will come up empty which results in a positive result for everyone.

The cost of an investigator to bring a peace of mind to a troubled relationship or provide you proof that your worrying was justified is well worth it. Instead of all this worrying, and stress being placed on a relationship that could possibly already be strained, just hire an investigator to find out the truth.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How Much Is That Private Investigator Going to Cost You?

Private investigators are like every other profession in the market as you have those new to the business which are obviously cheaper than the veteran investigators. Depending on the complexity of your needs and services, will determine how much you really need to shell out to get the job done.

The typical charges for simple cases with include the investigators time, and expenses regarding background checks or physical surveillance. For the more complex cases, costs could rise do to having to "pay off" informants, simply those that needed a reason to give you the information you wanted, travel expenses, working time, and equipment. There is more to investigating than simply following a person around as you have learned. So built-in costs will also include equipment upkeep.

Those photographs, video tapes, or phone conversations that you confront your cheating spouse with, or all the documentation and evidence you hand to a court once you have located the person who skipped town when it came time to pay child support cost money to make, this is cost to you.

Typically a simple job such as easy and low hour surveillance can run as low as $50, while extensive searches, checks, and multiple forms of surveillance can run well over $500. The cost is often evaluated on a situation by situation system. Factor in the experience of your investigator and there is your price. It is always good to shop around, but never sacrifice quality for a cheaper investigator. Make sure your comparisons are apples to apples and not apples to oranges.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Insurance for Private Investigators

Just because a private investigator is out seeking the truth does not mean he or she is free from persecution. If you have thought about becoming a private investigator, you need to know about the insurance options that could make a difference in how long your new found career actually lasts, and if you get to stay on this side of the jailhouse bars.

While there are many insurance options out there, a few in particular stand out in the immediate needs category of insurance.

Immediate Needs:

  • General Liability policy
  • First & Third Party Dishonesty
  • License Bonds
  • Financially Reasonable Prices
  • Assault & Battery
  • False Arrest
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Libel & Slander
  • Personal Injury
These are simply a few that are highly recommended in the private investigator field as you have to remember you are working for a client in regards to finding information, location, or serious heartbreaking news to loved ones. Many things can result to the information in which you have disclosed. Denial and anger can often result in serious problems for you, the investigator. Make sure you get covered if nothing else with the minimum coverage before you take the streets as a new or experienced investigator.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skip Tracing: What is it?

Skip tracing is simply gathering the proper information to find the whereabouts of an individual. The most interesting part about this "skip tracing" term is it originated from the idea of locating people who have skipped town for any reason. It is often that people disappear avoiding legal matters, spouses running off into the wild blue yonder, or those who wish not to be found for other reasons.

This is when the tactics such as visiting neighbors, tracking credit card transactions, wire tapping, and putting notices out on the appearance of an individual or make and model of their car comes into play. The primary objective is to gain as much knowledge as possible about the person before they left by identifying places the person may seek refuge or places that may provide a sanctuary to someone on the run. The longer they are gone, the harder the person may be to track.

Skip tracing means researching someone's past, present, and potential future. How does a private investigator obtain all this information? Most of the information is available through public records, such as employment history, places of residence, and utility bills. For the more personal information there is a tactic called social engineering that is brought in. This is a method in which you may or may not be using false pretense to get people in carious positions of the person you are seeking life to provide you with personal and harder to come by information.

Skip tracing is a hard and tedious task depending on how prepared the person who skipped town was in their planning or simply by how they lived their life. Skip tracing is in a nutshell finding those in which do not wish to be found.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Methods Private Investigators Use to Gather The Information You Seek

When many people picture a private investigator, they imagine that person from TV that is snooping through trash, and following their target. To turn what you see on TV to reality, we will discuss some of the methods used to gather the information a client seeks.

Finding out the basics about a person is typically done through some computer research. This includes running names through databases. By doing these computer searches, an investigator can quickly get the basic information they need to begin their information gathering. These searches can provide records of criminal history, phone numbers, vehicle information, and other information that can help turn a name into a person on the investigators side.

The detectives may choose to engage in a little footwork and confirm important information that the search provided such as income and employment verifications. They may visit people that have known the person recently or from the past. A lot of this work is done on an "undercover" level as they dig deeper into the personal information about a person.

There is also the basics such as actually following an individual and using physical surveillance. Photographs are often taken to provide proof of their findings. Video cameras , cell phones, and wire taps can also be used to collect hard evidence.

As you can see the range of methods that are at a detectives disposal are wide, as we have only touched on the most common ways of gathering information. How a detective approaches a case depends on they type of case and the position of the individual being researched. There is nothing shady or any reason to be skeptical of hiring a private investigator as they follow rules and codes of not only their own but those set forth by the government.

There is no reason to hesitate if you feel a need to find truth or lost individuals as this business is clean and can help bring a sense of serenity to the troubled heart or mind.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reasons You Might Need a Private Investigator

Many people get a private investigator for a number of reasons. It crosses many of our minds when it comes to seeking out information that we cannot find out ourselves. One of the biggest debates a person has when it comes to hiring a personal investigator is they feel as if they are snooping or imposing on the person which they are trying to find information about. This is something that you must get passed.

Once the idea of hiring a private investigator comes to mind you have to realize there is a serious issue that has arisen that causes you to seek out information about a spouse, business partner, or lost family member to name a few. The fact that there is real reason for you to find out particular information makes it justified to hire a private investigator. How else do you expect to find out this information? Are you suppose to simply wonder and feel lost?

It is important that you find out the information that you are looking for. It can be crucial in regards to finding out of a spouse is being faithful, or a lost loved one really is gone forever. Hiring a private investigator causes no one pain other than the pain that the truth may bring. The truth itself may bring pain but it will also bring a sense of peace. This peace is much more important than for you to set and wonder or make very serious decisions on half truths or assumptions.

Private investigators are here to help provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. They are here to help ease the suffering of those seeking family members who have gotten lost in the world. They are simply here to bring truth and answers to all those that are seeking answers.

How to hire a private investigator?

First and the most important of all you have to look for is the qualification and experience of a P.I and the amount of experience he has , the number of successful cases he /she has solved and also their reputation , never hire someone just like that , make sure you go through an agency or someone who knows about P.I’s .

Most private detectives may have been retired military officers or people who worked as law enforcers, this doesn’t mean you have to go ahead and hire the person, you’ll have to see if he fits the experience you are looking for after having a look at his profile and the successful cases.

The next most important thing to look out for is , if the P.I matches the type of case you’re hiring him for , for example some of them specialise in a particular field of investigation and surveillance , they can handle that type of a case with ease due to experience , or they could also be called specialists in that type of case , for example there are investigators who specialise in dealing with case that relate to kidnapping , false insurance claims and so on, so its left up to you to look for the right person who matches your case perfectly .
Another important thing to notice is the investigators license, see if he/she carries a proper valid licence to work as a private investigator. There are many people out there who are not well experienced and are capable of cheating you.

All private investigators need to be covered with an insurance which is very important, because during the course of the investigation process , there could be possibilities of damage to valuables and others.

Identity theft

Till today the world has been changing, people change ,technology changes work becomes much more organized and structured , Identity is a must to survive here for just about anything , and that’s how we identify each other and it also portrays what kind of person you are in the society.
What if your identity is misused by another? Today we could not even get a place to live without a proper identification.

Well for some people there is always an easy way to earn money and an easy way to success, they use others ,or break the law by cheating innocent people and even the government with regard to identification and documentation. There are millions out there who travel around the world cheating people in but carrying the identity of an innocent person , so each day many innocent people get into trouble with such people who cheat using their name.

Identity theft is very common on the internet , people forge signatures and hack accounts to have access to money , documentation and private content , they completely ruin the life of the public , Banks were the most affected by such identity thieves , they appear as another person and fool the authorities

Fake passports and licenses are another vast area where identity theft takes place
And by this they completely cheat the government authorities by paying taxes to get such legal documents. The internet is infested with such cheats who create fake accounts , identification cards or profiles to have access to just about anything they need , mostly money. The government has imposed new methods of tracking down such people who cheat, but yet they find various other sources out and cheat the public. People also sell fake products and services online using a well reputed name or an identity and finally the company or the individual gets held up for such activities, in this way not only do they benefit from cheating others, they also put innocent people into trouble.

What are the forms and where do they occur?

Identity theft happens mostly in financial sector, banks and other institutions get cheated off large amount of money by someone who uses the identity of another person who has access to the bank. Over the internet people hack into accounts of banks to transfer money illegally from another person’s account. Government and other public places where identity is required to have access to something or even travel out of the country, which is a serious criminal offence.

Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Choose a Private Investigator?

It has come to a point to where you feel a private investigator is what you need to find out some information about your spouse, and their questionable actions. It is important to know that not just any private investigator will do. There are certain things you need to look for in an investigator before you choose them to handle your personal business.

These are some simple guidelines to help ensure that the private investigator you pick not only has the qualifications but the skills needed to help you find what you are looking for. The three primary items to check into are the investigators licenses, skill set, reputation within the private investigator community, and fees and charges.

When it comes to licenses, depending on which state you live in determines if licenses are actually required. If your state does require a license you definitely want to ask for these credentials. If your state does not require a license, then it makes it even more important for you to looking to their background and expertise. Many investigators are good at what they do, but it is important to find out what typical cases they handle as it could vary from finding missing persons, investigating spouses, or more commercial work. You want to make sure you are not their break into a new area of investigation.

Next comes their skill set. Great questions to ask your potential investigators is "How many cases have you had in (fill in the blank with the reason you are looking for an investigator)", "How long have you been in the business", and " Do you have any references I could contact about some of your previous work"? If someone cannot answer these simply questions easily then you might want to continue your search. Also, the portion regarding references is extremely crucial. This is will tell you a lot as if no one is willing to vouch for this investigator they are either new in the business or they have had poor success in accomplishing their projects.

Finally, you always want to address fees, as these will vary from investigator to investigator. You want to make sure you aren't being taken advantage of simply because you may know little about the business. It never hurts to call around and get a few price quotes to help you judge how legitimate the costs really are.

Just to quickly mention a few other quick checks you can do when you are choosing a private investigator is meet them in person and see how they interact, and present themselves. Presentation and first impressions speak very loudly in any industry. Look into if they are insured, and what equipment they have to accomplish the task you are presenting them with. These simple questions and guidelines will help you narrow down your search for the perfect investigator and make sure you are not simply being taken advantage of in a time of need.

Typical Signs of a Cheating Spouse

There are times in which we wonder if the oddities that begin occurring in a relationship really are due to some changes in lifestyle including work, family life, or other circumstances. Sometimes it is hard to tell if these "new changes" are really changes for the greater good of the relationship or family, or if it is due to one party in the relationship exploring other fish in the sea.

To help those of you who think your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or any other person in which you share an intimate bond with, here are some typical signs to look for which are common things that we call "red flags".

By far the first and biggest red flag is the fact that you are asking yourself the question of "are they cheating". Now that you are already on that train of thought let us see if there are other "problem areas" to justify your worries.

  1. If friends that you consider "mutual friends" between the two of you start to well just not really converse with you as much or you can sense a real feeling of awkwardness, then they may know something that is not being shared with you for a reason.
  2. The classic mistake of a cheater is not thinking about the scents they pick up. We always know what soap the use and typical cologne they wear, so when a different scent follows them home it is time to ask a few questions.
  3. The wedding band is not on for some reason. " Despite the excuse unless they work a lot with machinery, this is a definitely huge red flag.
  4. Well, not that you are suspicious you are most likely checking the cell phone. One item to look for here is to check if the texts and emails have been cleaned out. We all know we don't want the phone cluttered but how many of us really remember to delete everything very often, so I would suggest checking a few random times.
  5. Your spouse takes out on a simple venture such as grocery store, pick up something from work, or other simply task and is gone for a lengthy period of time.
  6. Finally there is typical overcompensation of being "helpful". Often when someone is cheating, they will seek penance by being extra helpful around the home or extra nice to you. This is something that could be completely genuine but watch the pattern of when it happens.
These are only a few of the many "red flags" that can confirm or deny cheating in a relationship. They are here to get you off on the right start, but the biggest step is simply this. You have to get past the "it could never happen to be idea", because if you don't the signs will never mean anything or you will never notice them.

Private investigator career

Are you inquisitive, clever, quick and do you have a good eye? Well if you discover any of these qualities within yourself, then you might just be interested in reading this.
First up a private investigator otherwise known as PI is a person who is hired by individuals, a group of people, an organisation or a business firm to secretly investigate or derive facts out of something or someone.

A private investigator does not work as himself, he is one person with a million identities when it comes to his job, and you need to be tough to strong to handle tough situations , people do not get a clear picture of a detective as they are portrayed in a different way in movies and novels. A PI never lets out facts to unknown people, is mostly the reserved kind of person in the society, stays alone, works at odd time, travels places , takes picture , gathers information about a person or people and finally gets paid for his job.
This job works on a project basis and reputation. So you need to be the best in your work to be able to survive in the business

Who requires a PI?

The mostly dealt Private investigation cases are for married couples who want to spy on their spouse to see if he/she is cheating , a person hires a PI to follow and closely watch the actions of his/her spouse and report to them , its not a tough job as long as you keep yourself hidden and do not reveal yourself to the victim , sometimes you may have to disguise yourself and encounter the victim directly to derive information and facts .

Insurance companies hire PI’s to look upon a falsely claimed insurance as there are lots of such claims existing each day , banks and other business organisations also hire PI’s to keep watch over fraud , improper working or trust of an employee and such cases.

So read a lot on how to understand people of different ages groups, study the mind of a person , you need to be smart and quick to be able to work.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Online fraud

As most of us internet users know that the internet is flooded with thousands of viruses , threats and spam that causes trouble to people , do you realise that there are people out there who can be more painful that these viruses and threats? Yes , have you ever come across people who cheat innocent internet users ? especially people who are new to the internet get carried away and fall for such threats and traps, there are cases of people being cheated of money , work , personal data , photo’s , software’s, products and many other such problems keep happening each day.

Who does this?

Well these people may be a group of unemployed people who seek easy money and things by cheating people of it, they do not have sympathy for the other users whom they cheat , they just want to benefit out of you , some find entertainment and take joy in cheating people.

There are so many ways where one can come across internet fraud, in cases people who eagerly look for internet and online jobs sitting at home fall victims to them , they may be elderly retired people trying to make some money in their time, the frauds post ads, messages and mails to commonly visited communities and social networks , innocent people find the offer appealing and willingly register by transferring some money as registration fee , later they don’t hear from the people and realise that they had gotten cheated .

There are also people who get friendly to you in chat rooms ask you for private data information , addresses and more other info , if you had realised that millions of pornographic websites use pictures that they derive from social networks or by cheating people , they merge and morph them to their website , which is quite shocking and something to be careful about.

How to deal with this?

Do not keep in touch with people in chat rooms who may seem suspicious or who seem to be too kind , because that’s just a disguise and you may not know what you’re getting into. Never upload Pictures on sites that you don not trust, do not register and use your credit card on any website until you know it is 100% safe to do so. Ignore mails and message that seem really attractive and offer you money , prices , easy jobs and such messages , they only fool you and do nothing else.

Internet safety

We all love internet as it is a blessing and we could have access to just about anything we want be it information , work reference , homework , contacts , stay in touch with our near and dear ones and the list goes on and on. The is a wonderful place for entertainment and today one can sit for hours in front of a computer or a notebook surfing and coming across new stuff and places to visit.

However , little do we realise that the internet can bring us harm, threats and can sometimes lead to problems even personal problems , there are millions out there who seek joy and fun in causing a nuisance to others by sending threatening mails and messages , demanding , blackmailing , fraud , cheating and various other activities that just gets people worked up and tensed.

We’ll the way out of such people and groups is to just ignore them, they will fade away , rather that revert to any of their messages or mails , some of these people can be really nice to you and gain your trust , the last thing you would want to do on the internet is to trust someone you don’t know of . There are millions of people who cheat surfers into deriving personal information out of you for many purposes , some even go upto the extent of making you believe in them lying to you and asking for money . Some time back there was this mail which was flooding the internet , it was making people believe that they had won a lottery and promising them a huge sum of money , later they ask you to transfer a charge towards delivery of your price money. A lot of people out there who are new to the internet fall for this and transfer the money thinking that its worth spending this amount to receive a fortune. And for those unlucky people , it turns out that the person was just a fraud and he had tricked you into this. There a still many more forms of this case you may not know , its always better to stay anonymous while surfing .

Things you shouldn’t be doing

  1. Never give out personal information to just about anyone you meet or any site that asks for it.
  2. Upload pictures of yourself on social communities at your own risk.
  3. Never reveal your true identity in chat rooms.
  4. And do not get too personal into talking about your life , family where you live and such information to random people who chat with you.
  5. Ignore messages that may be offensive to you , you lose nothing by it, its just some disturbed person who seeks attention , so do not pick a fight with anyone if you get an offensive mail. The best thing you can do is to leave it there.
  6. Do not upload confidential content on sites like rapidshare and other file transfer websites. You may not know who else is downloading your files.

    Stay safe and connected, enjoy the benefits form the internet while keeping your eyes open to such problems.


Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched? Of course yes, today surveillance has become yet another common tool in security and safety methods but however we find it out of place at times, you may not actually feel comfortable once you knew that you were watched by a group of security personnel who monitor the actions of a shopper in a large shopping mall, Of course it has its benefits like safety and security as we find out there a number of shoplifters, frauds, and theft.

Today with immense growth in technology new devices and CCTV’s have replaced the use of actual manpower or rather one man or a group of people keep watch over a widespread area by just sitting down staring at images on the monitor. It is even made possible to monitor the actions of people through the internet and satellite phones, making it more convenient and portable.


  • To identify any sort of theft or fraud in shopping malls
  • Trespassing private and unauthorized areas
  • Sports, with regard to rules and fair play
  • To monitor the actions of a person or a group of people
  • Traffic and road safety
  • Prisons
  • Safety lockers, banks and other privately owned business.
  • Schools and colleges
  • Residential Private property, Apartments.
  • Parking lots

These are just a few areas where surveillance is put to frequent use , today it is growing and spreading as technology moves forward to more hi- tech and better equipped instruments to monitor such security related threats.

At times you may never see a camera, you might actually be looking into it, and moreover most people do not like being watched, Residential apartments today have these cctv surveillance devices planted all around the area for the safety from theft and burglary. Some places like movie theaters and class rooms in schools do not require surveillance as it tends to alter the behavior of people who are present within that space once they notice they are being watched.

Signs of a cheating spouse

Matt returns home after a hectic session of work at the office, walks past Jessica, his wife who is found sitting down reading a magazine over a cup of tea, she gives him a suspicious look hiding her face behind the magazine. She asks Matt, Honey why do I find you working over time the past couple of weeks , Matt returns a blunt answer saying there was too much work , and she keeps throwing in questions after questions like , why is your shirt untidy and , why don’t you answer my calls and more questions of this sort . Till mike blasts out asking her to stop.

Asking questions can be the very first step to this experiment , try asking your spouse a few inquisitive questions , make sure you do not push it too far though, watch closely to expect blunt answers and hesitant ones too , At some point he /she will cut lose out of anger not finding a way to defend those series of questions. At times a spouse that cheats thinks that there is absolutely no way that his wife or her husband would notice the changes in behavior. Actually they do!

What do you notice about your spouse that makes you think that he/she is cheating?
Blunt answers and clumsiness around, this is what make a person suspect foul play.
Try reaching out or having a look at your spouse’s mobile phone when he/she is around you, what you will notice is a sudden and weird reaction from your spouse.
They tend to keep things and words within themselves , you moreover notice that your spouse doesn’t really have much to talk about when you ask him/her how her day at office was , nor do they voluntarily come over to have chat with you over their evening’s cup of coffee.

There is no proper communication between the two of you, he/she is obvious to act clumsy and careless when you are around. If you have the feeling of being left out at a party or a wedding that he/she attends secretly knowing that you were also invited, then there could be strong essence of cheating. How often does he make moves by himself in bed? If you find him not interested or too lazy and tired, here again we have another point to prove him or her guilty.

You’ll notice an unusual gap or a distance that gradually builds over the course of time, her / she doesn’t let you step into her personal issues, keeps a lot of secrets and doesn’t share many a problem wit you like before . He or she may not spend time with their kids which is unusual. Most of ally our spouse reacts unusually or carelessly when a few questions are surprisingly posed on to them, confusion is another big criterion on which he can be judged guilty.

Never approach your spouse in a way that you make it too obvious that you’re spying­­ or stalking them as that could lead to some unexpected problems that can trigger off changes in lots of other activity like trust and faith. Keep a calm mind an approach positively and look for symptoms. Do not miss- judge and come to conclusions hastily, take time to act and then wisely make your moves.


Infidelity may or may not be in context with sexual activity, in short it is the breach of trust and unfaithfulness of a partner to the other, be it lover or a married couple. In most cases the spouse or partner takes such a step if he/she is bored of being with the same person, needs someone else in bed, not happy with the partner in life, he or she may not have time for the other, so they tend to take a turn into the immediate opportunity they come across and grab it.

The fact about it is most of them are left unknown about this, sexual infidelity in a married couple is termed as adultery, the root cause of this is the minds of both of them, if the relationship is bound with a strong understanding about each other , there are less chances of such activity with that couple , Infidelity can also be non sexual in nature , like a certain affection to another person , this is merely about the trust factor, so lying , talking ill about the other partner behind him/her can also come under this category.

How do you know that your partner can likely be cheating or be bound to it?

If you can notice a strong change in behavior while he/she is around and not the same like he/she usually is, there is gap between the personal activity that slowly starts getting wider. Constantly lying to you when it has anything to do with another person , be it a friend or a colleague . A secret friend can sometimes be the driving power if left unchecked by the partner. He/she moves around with a particular person quite often , talks are relates more closely to that person .

What can you do about it?

Well the most important and something you should always follow is to keep your partner always in your company, talk to them more often , do not suspect or be insecure by making it too obvious to them , moreover treat them the best. Letting them astray will let them find other sources , always try spending as much time possible with your partner , because that is what they seek.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Burglary Suspect Arrested

The burglary suspect reportedly linked to and arrested for burglarizing Lindsay Lohan’s house has been arrested.

Both break-ins were caught on surveillance tapes. Three people were seen on camera at Lohan’s residence, while a man and woman were apprehended in Audrina Patridge’s burglary case. After the incident the actresses and the police took help of the high tech surveillance equipment to nab the suspects. They posted the surveillance videos on youtube. According to LAPD it worked.

Watch the video here

White House Is Seeking Renewal of Surveillance Laws

The Obama administration is asking lawmakers this week that legal approval of government surveillance methods which are scheduled to expire in December should be renewed. The administration recommended that Congress move with legislation to protect the government's ability to collect various types of business and credit card information and to monitor terrorism suspects with roving wiretaps.

Wiretapping and surveillance were highly politicized during the Bush years after the New York Times disclosed a secret electronic monitoring program without court approval. Several civil liberties groups are asking Congress to begin debate on various domestic surveillance issues.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monk Season Premiere

Tv show, Monk stars Tony Shaloub as Adrian Monk and Traylor Howard as Natalie Teeger monks assistant. As a former cop, private detective, and a disordered man, gives him a handful of work but when it comes to solving crime he is a genius.

For more info go to these 2 links:

Jackson's Death ruled a homicide?

AP Source: Coroner rules Michael Jackson’s death a homicide; tests reveal propofol, 2 other sedatives

With a overdose of drugs it resulted in death. Test showed that there was propofol in his system along with two sedatives.The finding makes it more likely criminal charges will be filed against the doctor who was with the pop star when he died.

Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, is the target of a manslaughter probe headed by Los Angeles police.

For more info visit this link:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Burglars Ransack Lindsays House

Burglars have robbed hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan's house.

The star returned to her home in hollywood hills to find her house ransacked. The safe was ripped out, the door was of its hinges, the door handles were removed, and her shoes, bags, and jewelry were taken.

Lohan's father Michael is convinced the burglary was an "inside job" and has hired a private investigator to look into the case.

He said that he was sick of people bugging his daughter and using her and this was not the first time she's been robbed. He was working with the police but at the same time, he has his own people. He hired private investigators and is going to work on his own investigation and find out who did this. Lindsay is not ok ,he said. She's very upset and feels extremely violated... He is just happy Ali and Lindsay weren't home at the time. But he feels that they were kept out of the house for a reason. This was definitely an inside job," he added.

The Los Angeles police are investigating the robbery.

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