Monday, January 27, 2014


For the jobs of private detective and investigator, there is no formal education required. Many of the investigators enter in this field after serving in the military law enforcement, government investigative position.

It is expected that the employment of private detectives and investigators may grow faster than the average of all occupation through the year 2012. In addition to growth, replacement of those who retired from the occupation for many other reasons may create many other job openings. The demand increased for private investigators and detectives will result from fear of crime, increased litigation, and the need to protect confidential information. Worldwide growing financial activity will increase the demand for investigators to control internal /external financial losses and to keep eye on competitors and prevent industrial losses.
      For the jobs of private detective and investigator, most employers look for the individuals with ingenuity and persistence, and must not be afraid of confrontation and should communicate well. In earlier career, good interviewing and skills also are very important.

RELATED OCCUPATION: They often collect the information and protect the property and other assets of companies and individuals. A private investigator is very specialized in conduction financial profiles and asset searches perform work closely related to that of accountants and auditors and financial analysts. 

WORKING CONDITIONS: Private investigator work often irregular such as early morning, evening and in holiday is common. Because, it need to search and contact people who are not available during normal working hours. Most of the Investigators spend time away from their offices for conducting interviews, but few work in their office, more time of the day may spend in searching and making calls. Their work can be quite dangerous and stressful, in that situation they may be armed and carry handguns, it must be licensed by the authority.

IMPORTANT POINTS: There is too much competition in the private investigators and detective occupation. It attracts many qualified people, relatively young retirees from law enforcement and military careers.  Part-Time-Basis: For a part time basis this occupation would be best for job level persons with detective agencies. To make their second career as a private detective, most of the former law enforcement officers, government agents and military investigators may enter in this field, because after the 20 years of there service they retire with their jobs.

At the beginning of there career, the private investigator work for detective agencies and after a few years, they start there own firms.

WORK NATURE: To carry out investigation, private detectives may use various types of searches. To verify facts, such as for particular person income or their personal life they may make calls or visit their home/workplace. In many cases private detectives may assist businesses and general public with a variety of problems such as legal/financial/personal. The duties of private investigators depend on the need of their client. They are very specialized.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tips on Hiring a Surveillance Investigator

Many private investigators offer surveillance as a service. Factually, very few investigators know how to properly perform surveillance. It is important that a client vet the detective they want to hire. Here is a list of factors to ask and examine before you hire a surveillance investigator.

License - Most states require a license to operate as a private detective. States like California require three years full time experience before one can even apply for a license.

Insurance - verify the investigator has appropriate insurance that covers surveillance investigations.

Equipment - An experienced investigator will have a bank of equipment and suitable surveillance vehicles.
Associations - an investigator who belongs to an association usually has more resources, more education, and more experience. Professional Investigators' Associations supply a surveillance investigator with networks, resources, and education.

Experience - this is one of the most important questions. Ask the investigator what surveillance experience he or she has. Ask for examples of cases they have worked. Ask if they have ever lost a subject during surveillance. If an investigator tells you they have never lost someone during surveillance, they either have no experience or are simply not telling the truth. Many things occur during a surveillance that hamper or stop the surveillance. It is impossible for any experienced surveillance investigator to not have lost a subject during surveillance.

These are just a few things to look at when considering hiring a surveillance investigator. It is equally important that you speak with the investigator. If what the investigator is offering does not sound right, it probably isn't.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spy tools: GPS - Track a Vehicle

Tracking a vehicle is now possible for a spy using global positioning system directly by access through your computer using PRO-TRAK GPS satellite system.

A vehicle tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device (transmitter) in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with purpose-designed computer software at least at one operational base to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location, collecting data in the process from the field and deliver it to the base of operation. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.

Tracking a vehicle is now possible for a spy using global positioning system directly by access through your computer using PRO-TRAK GPS satellite system. This military technology proves useful to spy tracking a vehicle i.e. from which street and which area does the vehicle pass by. Once activated, the GPS can be installed anywhere in any convenient location in vehicle. Unit can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. This unit operates using GPS and GSM technology. In this way, location, time, speed of vehicle, street address and the last stop details can be fetched and the subject may be tracked accordingly.

A spy needs to keep an eye on his suspects as to where they go, whom they meet, etc. This tracking system enables the spy by just sitting on his pc; accessing the details of vehicle tracked by installing a transmitter in the subject’s vehicle. A spy’s work becomes easy using GPS tracking system otherwise, a spy would have to personally follow the subject’s vehicle; which has a tremendous risk leading to a negative report in his investigation . A spy must always do his work safely and secretly so that his investigation does not get any whistle blowers nor any risk that might interrupt his investigation.

Friday, July 29, 2011

SPy Tools: Real Lighter – Hidden Digital Video Recorder Micro Camera

A spy lighter eases the task of a spy to complete his investigation . It can be used just as a simple lighter to light cigarette or fire, but contains special features as Movie camera and Microphone to gather special evidences.

A good spy needs special devices so that he may not miss any evidence to prove truth in court. If a simple well life gadget is a companion of a spy, no one can disturb the mode of his investigation and the same can be carried out secretly. A spy lighter eases the task of a spy to complete his investigation . It can be used just as a simple lighter to light cigarette or fire, but contains special features as Movie camera and Microphone to gather special evidences. This movie camera captures video with a high resolution as it is fitted with a high resolution lens which works indoor as well as outdoor, whether day or night. Microphone can record voices and the same video and voice recorded can be stored on a pc via usb cable. Using a spy lighter, he can feel secured regarding his way of investigation and the evidence thereof.


A high resolution hidden camera to capture videos and pictures secretly.
A hidden microphone to record conversations without letting know that the conversations are being recorded.
Recording is continuous until memory is full or manually turns off.
Can be used as a simple lighter.
An inbuilt Micro SD card to store data and larger memory.
Good battery backup for at least 6 hours.

A great product to perform personal investigation , conduct secret video surveillance or for any ideal covert operation where gathering evidence is important for you. No one can ever think it is a spy cam.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What tools are necessary for a private investigator ?

Private investigators require detective software programs and online tools to help locate people, find information, manage cases, search databases and more.

Being a private investigator is a tough job which degrees a high risk. But, if some private investigator tools help you, your task becomes easy; also, you make a less effort. Often a Private Investigator works alone and maybe subjected to threats if he gets too close with the subject. Private investigators require detective software programs and online tools to help locate people, find information, manage cases, search databases and more. A high priority should be in choosing best private investigator tools to give you best results and a high accuracy.

Tools for Private Investigation

These tools may be a good companion to a private investigator for success in his private investigation :

Voice Recorder

The digital voice recorder includes features as mp3 player, automatic record setting and onboard memory functions. This device is also able to record telephonic conversations and recording can be done by setting a date and time too. This proves vital to a private investigator so that he may not miss any information from a source. The information recorded can be reviewed again and again so that conversation gets to knowledge properly.

Spy Camera

A private investigator always needs to take photos related to his investigation , so, a good camera with a high power lens will be up to the mark. Camera may be in the form of a simple camera model or spy cameras in pen or tie shape, fitted in shirt, trousers or even wallet so that, he can carry out his investigation secretly.

Card Recorder

Using a card recorder, a private investigator can record business calls, cellular phone calls, or residential phone calls. It allows recording both ends of the line and valuable communications are monitored and recorded hands-free.

Wireless Audio Receiver

Sometimes, situations are such that an investigator needs to listen the conversation from a distance. Wireless Audio Receiver allows listening the audio clearly even if the suspect is a few meters away. Perfect to perceive over a group of people.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to become a Private Investigator in Wyoming?

Working as a private investigator in Wyoming does not require a license as a private investigator, although a private investigator in Wyoming is regulated by local jurisdictions. Hence, to become a private investigator in Wyoming, it's reasonable to define the type of investigations to specialize in, understand state statutes, laws and regulations that affect private investigators, purchase any necessary equipment and carry on the business. Some examples of investigative specializations in private investigators for Wyoming are workers compensation, personal injury defense, theft and pet detection, civil litigation, background investigations, etc.

First of all, decide which specialization best suits your background i.e. in which specialization will be able to work with more interest. Understand Wyoming Rules, laws and regulations that might affect private investigators.

To be successful private investigator in Wyoming you will have to be in company of private investigators in Wyoming. Hence, join an experienced private investigator in Wyoming. These private investigators will be a source for customers because many people contact them for investigative services and also beneficial for you as it will show your commitment towards your profession.

Start your own business either by joining experienced private investigators or your own private investigator agency. You will have to request for a business license for regulation your own private investigator agency. Purchase your equipments as necessary. The next step is then to market your business by advertising. Do create a website and blogs so that people may come to know of your profession. You can also follow other marketing ideas such as business cards, memberships in private investigator associations. Enroll your profession through online registration in private investigator sites such as and Here are some tips that will be helpful to you in tough times of your business.

Do follow Wyoming statutes in order to be a successful private investigator in Wyoming. Always keep a bird’s eye on the changes in laws, rules and regulations to carry out your work more effectively.

Wyoming Statutes

Friday, May 13, 2011

How to become a Private Investigator in West Virginia?

A Private Investigator in West Virginia needs to be licensed. Hence it is important for a person who wishes to work as a private investigator in West Virginia to possess a license issued by West Virginia Secretary of State Licensing Division. West Virginia does have some requirements to fulfill before you get a license as a private investigator. The basic requirement is that you must be at least 18 years of age. You must be a citizen of United States of America or an Alien legally entitled by law to carry on your business or work in United States.

You must be of good moral character and your previous private investigator license must not be revoked or denied by any state if you have applied for so. You will have to undergo through a thorough background check which scrutinizes your criminal as well as moral conduct history. Even you must not have been illegally using, carrying or possessing a pistol or other dangerous weapon, making or possessing burglar's instruments, buying or receiving stolen property, entering a building unlawfully, aiding an inmate's escape from prison, possessing or distributing illicit drugs, any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or for which dishonesty of character is a necessary element. For more eligibility requirements please refer here.

There are two types of licenses in the state of West Virginia, an Individual Private Investigator license as well as a Private Investigator Firm license. If you want to set up your own business individually, do prefer an individual license, else, you will have to go for a firm’s license. The next step is to get the application form and fingerprint cards. The fingerprint card must be official West Virginia fingerprint card. Approach your local police department or sheriff’s office and get your fingerprints. Do request them to have two sets of your fingerprint cards. Call (304) 558-8000 to request an application packet with the correct fingerprint cards. You can also get an application form for here. The form must be completely filled, duly signed and notarized.

Obtain a surety bond worth $2500 in your favor by a state certified insurance company. A power of attorney must be attached to the surety bond and your signature as principal and the agent’s signature must be notarized.

You will also have to submit five reference letter forms. Do get them from people who know you from last five years or more and who are not related to you by blood or marriage. Your application will be delayed and withheld for processing without these five reference letters.

Along with the application form do provide your training and experience documentary proofs. For some more information on documentary proof, please log on to Do follow West Virginia rules and regulations if you want to become a successful private investigator in West Virginia.

Contact Information:
West Virginia Secretary of State, Private Investigator & Security Guard Licensing, Building 1, Suite 157-K 1900 Kanawha Blvd. E., Charleston, West Virginia, United States, 25305
Phone: (304) 558-6000

Private Investigators and Security Professionals of West Virginia

Fees: A $50 non-refundable processing fee is included in the fee. If your license is denied, the remainder will be refunded.
One-year license and processing fee for individual:
$150 West Virginia Resident
$550 Non-Resident of WV

Laws and Regulations: West Virginia Statutes