Monday, January 27, 2014


For the jobs of private detective and investigator, there is no formal education required. Many of the investigators enter in this field after serving in the military law enforcement, government investigative position.

It is expected that the employment of private detectives and investigators may grow faster than the average of all occupation through the year 2012. In addition to growth, replacement of those who retired from the occupation for many other reasons may create many other job openings. The demand increased for private investigators and detectives will result from fear of crime, increased litigation, and the need to protect confidential information. Worldwide growing financial activity will increase the demand for investigators to control internal /external financial losses and to keep eye on competitors and prevent industrial losses.
      For the jobs of private detective and investigator, most employers look for the individuals with ingenuity and persistence, and must not be afraid of confrontation and should communicate well. In earlier career, good interviewing and skills also are very important.

RELATED OCCUPATION: They often collect the information and protect the property and other assets of companies and individuals. A private investigator is very specialized in conduction financial profiles and asset searches perform work closely related to that of accountants and auditors and financial analysts. 

WORKING CONDITIONS: Private investigator work often irregular such as early morning, evening and in holiday is common. Because, it need to search and contact people who are not available during normal working hours. Most of the Investigators spend time away from their offices for conducting interviews, but few work in their office, more time of the day may spend in searching and making calls. Their work can be quite dangerous and stressful, in that situation they may be armed and carry handguns, it must be licensed by the authority.

IMPORTANT POINTS: There is too much competition in the private investigators and detective occupation. It attracts many qualified people, relatively young retirees from law enforcement and military careers.  Part-Time-Basis: For a part time basis this occupation would be best for job level persons with detective agencies. To make their second career as a private detective, most of the former law enforcement officers, government agents and military investigators may enter in this field, because after the 20 years of there service they retire with their jobs.

At the beginning of there career, the private investigator work for detective agencies and after a few years, they start there own firms.

WORK NATURE: To carry out investigation, private detectives may use various types of searches. To verify facts, such as for particular person income or their personal life they may make calls or visit their home/workplace. In many cases private detectives may assist businesses and general public with a variety of problems such as legal/financial/personal. The duties of private investigators depend on the need of their client. They are very specialized.


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