Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tips on Hiring a Surveillance Investigator

Many private investigators offer surveillance as a service. Factually, very few investigators know how to properly perform surveillance. It is important that a client vet the detective they want to hire. Here is a list of factors to ask and examine before you hire a surveillance investigator.

License - Most states require a license to operate as a private detective. States like California require three years full time experience before one can even apply for a license.

Insurance - verify the investigator has appropriate insurance that covers surveillance investigations.

Equipment - An experienced investigator will have a bank of equipment and suitable surveillance vehicles.
Associations - an investigator who belongs to an association usually has more resources, more education, and more experience. Professional Investigators' Associations supply a surveillance investigator with networks, resources, and education.

Experience - this is one of the most important questions. Ask the investigator what surveillance experience he or she has. Ask for examples of cases they have worked. Ask if they have ever lost a subject during surveillance. If an investigator tells you they have never lost someone during surveillance, they either have no experience or are simply not telling the truth. Many things occur during a surveillance that hamper or stop the surveillance. It is impossible for any experienced surveillance investigator to not have lost a subject during surveillance.

These are just a few things to look at when considering hiring a surveillance investigator. It is equally important that you speak with the investigator. If what the investigator is offering does not sound right, it probably isn't.


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